Five5 - Stunt Evo Replica

The STUNT is considered, and rightly so, as the original of its kind.

It is evolving to become the STUNT EVO and features a new design and brand new knuckle-protection shells, along with new carbon-fibre palm protection. Characterized by its leather palm, the secure snug fit, comfort, and control are outstanding thanks to its fabric topside structure.

Pull-tab for easy-on/off. Perfectly suited for regular city driving. In the REPLICA version, the graphic is a fundamental element of the model, and certain designs have become real standards (USA, England, Italia, etc.).

Price: 面議
聯絡: 文偉電單車中心
電話: 25675707
Others Five5 - Stunt Evo Replica 電單車
Others Five5 - Stunt Evo Replica 電單車

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